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Guide - 2

How to play Bao through this site

ATTENTION: the website can have been modified, so the screenshots can be different from the current pages.

IMPORTANT: Keep your code number!

1) Visit the website www.kibao.org

2) Click on Enter

3) (If you've already subscribed go to the step 5) Move the mouse on the holes until you get on the top of the square hole *** SUBSCRIBE *** [UJISAJILI] and click

4) Fill the form and take note of the inserted username and password. You'll receive an email to the address you provided and you have to confirm your membership.

5) Move the mouse on the holes until you get on the top of the square hole *** PERSONAL PAGE *** [UKURASA BINAFSI] and click

6) You''ll see your personal page. The first time your page will be empty, so you have to invite [alika] someone to play with you. So, click on the option invite [alika] of the left menu.

7) You''ll get a list of players. Just choose one of them (if you are a beginner you could prefer a trainer [mkufunzi]!).

Then you have to wait an email from the chosen player. You''ll see that player listed in the table Free matches [Michezo ya wawili wawili yanayoendelea] of your personal page (see picture in step 6) and just click on the button Move [Cheza] to play.

7a) You''ll get a page like the following

If you click on the diagram at the left corner of that page

the page switches to the following

On the left you get the table with your holes on the bottom, even if you are North (Kaskazini), because it''s your turn:

8) choose the hole you want to put the seed in and read its corresponding letter. For example the hole with 11 seeds has the letter A. This is the row of the hole. Now click on the arrow below Row [Herufi ya mstari] until you see the letter of the hole you chose. In the example for the hole with 11 you have to choose Inner (A/a) [Ndani (A/a)]

9) now look for the number of the hole you have chosen. This number is below the table. Click the arrow below Column [Safu] and choose the number of the hole. If you have chosen, for example, the hole with 11 seed you have to choose number 5

10) now choose the direction of your move clicking on the arrow below Direction [Mwelekeo]

11) decide if you want to play your house [nyumba] by selecting on No [Hapana] or Yes [Ndiyo] near the words 'will you play your house if possible?' ['Utacheza nyumba ikiwezekana']

12) finally click on Send [Tumia]

13) the following page validate your move and shown you its result. In the example the player has chosen A7<+*

14) Click on Change [Badilisha] if you want to change your move, otherwise click on Send [Tumia] if you want to send it to your opponent, who will receive a message with the following:

1: A6<* a5<;
2: A3> a5>;
3: A8< a7<*;
4: A5> a6>;
5: A6<* a6>;
6: A7<+*

Saleh: 17
b  0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
a  1   2   4  10   0   0   0   0
A  0   0   0   0  12   1   0   1
B  0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Nino: 17



that is:

Now it''s the addressee's turn who can play following the above instructions.

If you need further information, please write us!

IMPORTANT: Keep your code number!

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